“Thank you for helping with my lawsuit for the car wreck. You did a wonderful, professional job and I would recommend you to anyone. Once again, thank you very much.”
– Rodeo Post

“Without the help of Kevan Montoya I know that I would not have had the successful outcome that was achieved. He took a very difficult situation and made sure that the truth was told, presently and perfectly. He was a calm and confident presence during this difficult time for our family. I very much appreciate the knowledge and support I received from Mr. Montoya. I highly recommend this firm.
– April Adkison

“Kevan Montoya and his staff are incredible! I was able to concentrate on healing and my family instead of insurance companies and paperwork. Not only are the staff empathetic and efficient, Mr. Montoya was tenacious in making sure that my interests were considered. They’ve got your back!
– Lisa Allen (Yakima, WA)

Have you been injured as a result of the negligence of another person or organization? If so, you should see us first. We can help you recover medical costs, lost wages, and damages for your injuries.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Is on Your Side

Working With Experienced Professionals Increases the Likelihood of Success

If you suffer an injury and it is someone else’s fault, high quality, experienced legal representation is vital in order to receive fair compensation. The team at Montoya Hinckley can help you. With over 40 years of combined experience serving clients, we are the accident attorneys you want on your side. Contact us today at 509-895-7373 for a free and confidential consultation to learn more about the value we can bring to your personal injury claim.

What Our Personal Injury Lawyer Will Do for You

Only an experienced attorney with courtroom experience knows the value of your case. We help you with every part of your injury claim and take the hassle out of dealing with insurance adjusters. We can tell you what your claim is worth and help you get the most out of your claim in court if they won’t settle. We will take care of all aspects of the claim so you can commit your time and efforts to your recovery. As your personal injury attorney, we will:
  • Manage Your Bills: Medical bills can be confusing. If you sustained injuries in an accident, your mailbox is probably overflowing with statements. Each doctor, hospital, pharmacy, and physical therapist bills individually. Labs often invoice separately as well. The sheer volume of bills is overwhelming, and the content can be difficult to decipher. Adding to the confusion is the likelihood that there will be multiple insurance companies involved. As your representative, we will coordinate with all medical professionals and insurance companies on your behalf. We will review all of your bills, ensure their accuracy, and submit them to the appropriate insurance agencies for reimbursement.
  • Recover Your Lost Wages: Recovering from injuries takes time. Often, someone who has injuries cannot go to work. If you have been hurt and cannot work, you should receive an award for the time away from your job. After all, the incident in which you suffered an injury was not your fault. Montoya Hinckley’s personal injury lawyers will advocate on your behalf and assist you in recovering your lost wages and benefits.
  • Help You Receive Compensation for Your Injuries: Depending upon your injury and its cause, you may be eligible for damages for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, among other things. We always fully investigate each matter and identify all possible means of recovery from liable parties. We know what your claims are worth because we have substantial experience in injury claims.
We understand the emotional stress that you must be under, as well as the physical pain associated with your injuries. Recovering truly is a full-time job. We encourage you to focus on healing. We will take care of “all the rest.” When you work with us, you can rest assured no detail will be overlooked.

Trust Our Personal Injury Lawyers to Fight Hard for Your Best Outcome

We Will Represent You with the Compassion and Professionalism You Deserve

Sometimes, before our clients come to us to represent them after an accident, they attempt to start negotiations with the insurance company on their own. What many of them find is that the insurer does not treat them fairly. The insurer may question the severity of the injuries or may downplay the long-term effects these injuries may have. Insurance companies may even try to make you feel guilty about being involved in the accident, trying to discourage you. In such situations, it becomes crucial to consult with a spinal cord injury attorney who understands the complexities of your case. You do not deserve this type of treatment. You are not in the wrong, and you should not have to feel like you made some sort of error. You deserve respectful treatment. Our personal injury lawyer will fight hard to ensure you receive it from all parties involved.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Understands the Stress of the Situation

When you hire us to represent you, you can be confident that we understand the difficulties that victims have when dealing with the aftermath of an injury accident. We sympathize with the situation you are facing. We treat our clients with compassion and understanding when we represent them. Although our primary goal is to help you win your settlement and receive the financial award you deserve, we also want to try to take as much stress off your plate as possible. Let us handle the day-to-day aspects of your claim, while you focus on your recovery. Trust that we will take the time to listen to you. We know how important it is for us to fully understand what happened in your accident, so we can try to help you receive the settlement you deserve. But we also know that we need to talk about any concerns you may be having about your recovery and about your life going forward. We must fully understand how you are feeling and what you are thinking, so we can give you the compassionate representation you should have. When we are speaking with the insurance company on your behalf in the negotiation phase, you can trust that we will be on the same page as you because of our thoroughness in discussing all aspect of the case with you before we begin negotiations.

Do Not Worry About the Cost of Hiring Our Personal Injury Lawyer

At Montoya Hinckley, our team works on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not charge our clients any money up front to secure our representation. Instead, our fee will come from a percentage of the final settlement amount in the case. This is advantageous when you are facing a personal injury situation. You may have significant medical bills after the accident. You may be missing work to try to deal with your recovery. When your finances are in flux, the last thing you need is to receive a bill from your attorney for an hourly cost to represent you. If we do not win a settlement amount for you, you will owe us nothing. Our financial goals in the case line up perfectly with yours. When we help you secure more money in your personal injury settlement award, we earn more, too. You can feel confident that we always will have your best interests in mind from start to finish in your claim.

Personal Injury Attorney: Our Areas of Expertise

Determining Whether You Have a Valid Personal Injury Case

Daily, our attorneys receive questions like, “Do I have a personal injury case?” or “What is it worth?” In order to answer this question, we need to develop a clear picture of exactly what happened and learn about how it has affected you. We appreciate that no two cases are alike; therefore, we take the time to speak with you at length. We want to understand every last detail. The best way to know whether your case has merit is to speak with our personal injury attorney. At Montoya Hinckley, we offer all potential accident clients a free consultation. If you have been in an accident and are wondering whether you have a case or what it’s worth, give us a call at 509-895-7373 today. Once we have a good understanding of what happened and how it affected you, we can help determine whether you have a case and how we should move forward. It is important to recognize that being injured as a result of an accident, in and of itself, does not mean you have the right to a claim.

Our Personal Injury Attorney Will Answer the Question, “What Is Negligence?”

A major factor in determining whether your personal injury case is valid is being able to prove negligence or fault. Negligence, with regard to a personal injury claim, has four parts: duty, breach, causation, and damages. To more clearly illustrate negligence, consider this scenario. You are driving through an intersection when another driver fails to stop at a red light and T-bones your vehicle. As a result of the accident, you suffer a variety of injuries, including a concussion and several lacerations that require immediate transport to the emergency room, an MRI, and medication. In order to have a valid personal injury case you must prove that:
  • Duty Exists: Simply, this means one must act with a certain level of responsibility. In this example, the driver of the other vehicle was responsible for obeying the traffic signal at the intersection.
  • A Breach of Duty Occurred: When a person or organization does not uphold their legal duty, then a breach has happened. In the example above, the driver breached his or her duty to obey the traffic signal by running the red light.
  • There Was Causation: Are the injuries the direct result of the incident? Clearly, in the example, the injuries suffered by you, resulted from being hit by the driver who failed to stop at the red light.
  • The Incident Results in Damages: Damages can take the form of medical bills and even personal property repairs. Without a doubt, the injuries shared in this example would necessitate an emergency room visit resulting in medical bills, medication, and possibly physical therapy, depending on the extent of the injuries. Additionally, in the example above, the driver’s failure to stop at the red light also damaged your property, and you may be able to sue for the repairs to, or replacement of, your vehicle. Finally, it is possible that you would be unable to work because of the concussion and lacerations, and you would not receive payment. You may be entitled to lost wages and, perhaps, depending upon the circumstances, compensation for pain and suffering.
If you can show a duty, breach, causation, and damages in relation to your accident, then you may have a personal injury case for negligence. For example, if the other driver is violating Washington’s DUI laws and hits you, this is a clear breach of the driver’s duty to operate the motor vehicle safely and to keep other motorists and pedestrians on the road safe. Sometimes, the four parts required for filing a personal injury claim are not as obvious as they are when the other driver receives a DUI charge. However, even in a complex accident situation, our Yakima car accident lawyer will help you determine the strength of your claim.

Personal Injury Lawyers: Cases We Handle

We handle cases for responsible, honest people who have been hurt. We have experience in handling cases that result from many different circumstances. Situations we handle include, but are not limited to:
  1. Automobile Accidents
  2. Governmental Negligence
  3. Dog Bites
  4. Truck Accidents
  5. Premises Liability
  6. Products Liability
Based on years of experience, our team knows how to address each of these. We will leverage our knowledge on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Personal Injury Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyer understands the stress and anxiety that going through a case like this can cause. That is why we take pride in answering the questions our clients have about personal injury claims, including the following most common questions.
  • How long do I have to file my claim?
    In the state of Washington, RCW 4.16.080 sets the statute of limitations at three years. This simply means you must start the process of filing a claim within three years of the accident that led to your injury. If you are outside the three-year deadline, it is not easy to move forward, but our team may be able to help you in special circumstances. The best option, however, is to contact our team as soon as possible after the accident to assess your situation.
  • What kinds of accidents most often lead to personal injury claims?
    Any type of accident where someone else’s negligence leads to an injury for you can result in a personal injury claim. Common accidents that fit this definition can include:
    • Car accident
    • Truck accident
    • Motorcycle accident
    • Pedestrian accident
    • Bicycle accident
    • Slip and fall accident
    • Unsafe product accident.
    When someone else’s mistake or reckless behavior leads to an injury and a financial loss for you, you have the right to bring a personal injury claim against the negligent party, whether that is an individual person or a business entity. For example, if you slip and fall because a property owner failed to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk, our premises liability lawyer is ready to help you determine whether you have a claim against the property owner.
  • How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim?
    Personal injury claims can take anywhere from several months to several years to settle. The length of time required to settle depends on the circumstances in the claim. An accident where the facts are clear and where your injuries are minor may settle far more quickly than an accident where the facts are in dispute or where your injuries are severe and will affect your life for years to come. At Montoya Hinckley, we will always try to settle your case as quickly as possible, but we will not recommend settling fast when it means you will receive an unfair settlement award.
  • Will I have to go to trial as part of filing the personal injury claim?
    The vast majority of personal injury claims involve a settlement occurring before the case reaches trial. When you hire our personal injury lawyer to represent you, we will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, seeking a financial settlement for your claim. If the insurer refuses to award you with a fair settlement amount or is trying to avoid paying a claim at all, our personal injury lawyer may recommend that you take the case to trial. The circumstances in each case play a role in determining whether going to trial is a good idea.
  • Do I need to see a doctor before I file a personal injury claim?
    You will need to see a doctor before you have any chance of winning a claim. The insurance company is not going to accept your description of your injuries and how they are affecting your life without verification from a doctor. You eventually will need a full medical report about the injuries you suffered in the accident, the treatment you are undergoing, and the doctor’s estimation of the way your injuries will affect you in the future.
  • If I disagree with my doctor’s diagnosis or recovery plan, what should I do?
    You always should do what is best for your personal health situation. After all, the goals of your personal injury claim should align with your health needs. If you believe your doctor is making a mistake in your diagnosis or treatment, you should seek a second opinion from another doctor, so you can continue to make progress in your recovery. You should never skip doctor’s appointments or disregard your doctor’s instructions, however, while you wait for that second opinion. Doing so gives the insurance company the chance to argue that your injuries are not very severe, because you are skipping treatments. Instead, ask our personal injury attorney for help in seeing a second opinion from another doctor if you are unsure whether your current doctor is helping you.
  • What happens if the insurance company says my actions contributed to the accident?
    Our personal injury lawyer first will attempt to show that you did not contribute to the accident. We will use the facts from the accident to try to show that the other person was completely at fault. If the facts do show that you contributed in part to the accident, you still can seek compensation for your injuries and financial losses. However, you could see your award reduced by the percentage at which you were at fault. If so, we will fight to try to ensure you receive the lowest possible percentage of fault in the accident.
When you hire Montoya Hinckley, you can trust that we are regularly available to converse with our clients. Our personal injury lawyer will take the time to speak with you. We give our clients the respectful representation they deserve.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorney

The Sooner You Call, the Sooner Our Team Can Get to Work

If you have been in an accident and believe it was the fault of another person or organization, contact Montoya Hinckley at 509-895-7373 today. Our professionals are well-versed in all aspects of personal injury law and can help you manage the process of filing a personal injury claim. Additionally, we are well-known for our client-focused philosophy. We work closely with you to manage all aspects of the personal injury case process. We appreciate that these cases can take time, as the recovery for serious injuries is a complicated process. Because we want to help you recover ALL of your costs and receive compensation for the full extent of your injuries, we practice patience in every case. We never rush to negotiate or litigate because in order to get you the best result, we need to make sure that we understand the full extent of your injuries, including any future damages that you may likely incur. In personal injury cases, patience is truly a virtue. Comprehending and addressing the entirety of your situation is one of the hallmarks of our best practices. Finally, it is critical that you recognize that most personal injury cases settle out of court, and, honestly, that is okay. In fact, in most cases it is ideal. Our end goal is to get you a fair settlement with compensation for all of your injuries, lost wages, damages to your property, and pain and suffering (if applicable). If we can achieve this without having to go to trial, it may be better for you. However, insurance companies are not always agreeable. And if you are not receiving fair treatment and the settlement offer is inadequate or inappropriate, we will not hesitate to take your case to court and aggressively fight for what you are rightfully entitled. Our injury attorneys are not only skilled negotiators, but they are also successful litigators. They will leverage all of their legal skills for your benefit. Contact our personal injury lawyer today at 509-895-7373 after you suffer an injury in an accident. We will help to determine whether you have a case, and, if you do, we will work aggressively on your behalf to ensure that you receive an appropriate settlement.

Client Testimonial

”Without the help of the entire Montoya/Hinckley law firm, I know that I would not have had the successful outcome I have had. Mr. Kevan Montoya took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected and few had ever seen. He worked tirelessly to make sure the truth was told and presented it perfectly. He has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire process. His thorough research provided us the pathway we needed to rise to victory. I highly recommend the Montoya/Hinckley law firm to you without reservation. Tony” – Tony P (Google Review)

Attorney Kevan Montoya

Attorney Kevan MontoyaFor over thirty years, Mr. Montoya has successfully represented clients in litigation involving multi-million dollar cases involving wrongful death, employment and business and commercial disputes. He regularly counsels businesses in Yakima and Central Washington on employment policies and helps businesses train employees regarding employment law compliance. He regularly speaks on employment issues. [ Attorney Bio ]


Attorney Tyler Hinckley

Attorney Tyler HinckleyTyler Hinckley represents individuals and businesses in state and federal court in litigation involving personal injury, property damage, employment claims, and business and commercial disputes. He represents individuals and businesses in a variety of employment cases, including wrongful termination, wage and hour, employment discrimination, and retaliation. Additionally, he represents individuals in residential construction defect and construction contract disputes, easement and boundary line disputes, and in cases involving damage to real property. Tyler also represents clients in administrative proceedings before state administrative agencies. [ Attorney Bio ]


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