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We are your lawyers in Yakima for all of your business and personal needs.  Your success is our goal. When you need an advocate with the judgment and experience to represent you, you will be glad you chose Kevan Montoya and Tyler Hinckley.  We understand litigation and risk.  We can help you if you find yourself in court or are trying to avoid court.

For over thirty years, the lawyers of Montoya Hinckley have represented clients in cases in state and federal court throughout the state of Washington.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants in injury, employment, business and real estate litigation.  When you need an advocate, we are there for you.  When you need advice, we can help.  We have successfully handled cases against big law firms from around the country.  We will not settle your case to avoid court; we settle your case when it's right for you.

We are experienced, tough and smart.  If you need someone to fight for you in court or before an administrative agency, or if you are a business that needs help in a labor or employment matter, Kevan Montoya and Tyler Hinckley have you covered.  We represent employers that deal with all types of employee-related issues, such as compliance, allegations of discrimination, policy questions and labor disputes. We have the expertise to help you deal with all of your employment-related legal issues.

No one wants to need a lawyer; however, if a situation arises, Montoya Hinckley PLLC takes a lot of the stress out of the process. Kevan and Tyler were very good at walking me through what was happening and explaining the process. I trust their expertise and found that the advice they provided was tailored to my goals and needs. Ultimately, they took an unpleasant situation and gave me an outcome that far exceeded what I had hoped for.

-Maria P.

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